Wendell The Bunny

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Wendell the Bunny lives on an island in Thailand which is home to many of the universe’s creatures however not ordinarily the home of the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit which is native to North America.  The how of Wendell coming to live on the island shall forever remain a mystery but the how’s like the why’s of the world are completely irrelevant.  What matters is that the island is now Wendell’s home.  Wendell lives a block away from the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand under the porch of a massage parlor.

Wendell begins his day by making his way to his favorite spot on the beach to watch the sunrise as is his daily routine.  He likes to sit beneath a particularly large and old shadow tree and watch as the rising sun changes color from deep red to pinkish-orange to yellow as it ascends and transforms the early morning indigo sky into bright blue along its way.  The shadow tree is also the perfect place to watch the lightening bounce between the clouds on the mornings when the sky cannot contain its excitement.  The tree also provides Wendell shelter on those rainy mornings.

Some mornings Wendell is joined under the tree by Aiyanna and Tattianna, twin Labradoodles, who are equally as foreign to this land as Wendell and equally at home.  Most mornings the twin dogs await the sunrise sitting upright, like matching bookends, on a boulder that juts out of the sea with their faces towards the eastern sky.  The dogs dive into the water for their morning swim as soon as they catch the first glimpse of the sun’s rays.

After the sun rises, Wendell hops around the grounds of the two beachfront hotels in his neighborhood where hotel staff ready opulent breakfast buffets and generously provide him with bits of cucumbers and carrots.  After his belly is full, Wendell begins his exercise routine which involves an obstacle course of sorts – crossing the road to get to his favorite coffee shop.

Wendell loves the smells and the conversations at the coffee shop:  caffeine and nicotine-fueled banter by people who share his love of the morning and his desire to enjoy as much of the day as possible.  He also loves the cobblestone-paved patio there because it stays cool late into the day so he can rest his belly upon it and get relief from the Thai heat.  His soul belongs in this tropical paradise although his body coated in fur tells a slightly different story.

Wendell leaves the beach and begins his expedition by first hopping onto the shoulder of the road which is the best vantage point for him to see the traffic.  Wendell always looks right then left then right again before hopping onto the road.  Today Wendell sees a motorbike approaching in the distance on his right and a songthaew[1] approaching from the left.

Wendell does not know for certain that either or both motorists will slow down for him however, Wendell is self-aware and never wastes his time trying to predict the actions of others nor wishing that he was different than what he is.  Wendell knows that he has stubby little legs but he also knows exactly how long it will take him to cross the road safely at a comfortable pace.  Despite the fact that two motorists are barreling down the street and will cross his path imminently, Wendell recognizes that in this moment, his path is clear so he puts his faith in his own little legs and begins his daring hop across the road.

The drivers of the motorbike and songthaew do indeed slow down as Wendell starts hopping across the road.  Both drivers smile when they see Wendell because a bunny is an unusual creature in these parts:  a veritable unicorn. Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles” and there is a sincere respect for all living creatures embedded into Thai culture; even if the creature has never previously been encountered.

The drivers look upon Wendell with some curiosity but with open hearts because they see his light and admire his courage.  The motorists do not know Wendell’s destination but it is obvious to them that he knows his path because he is bravely attempting to cross a busy street despite his diminutive size and relatively slow speed.

Wendell smiles back at them and successfully crosses the road just as he has so many times before.  He is grateful to them for acknowledging him and for yielding to him.

The motorists are right:  Wendell does know his path although he chooses to keep an open mind about his destination.  Wendell knows he likes the coffee shop and his intention is to get there but he stays open to all of the other possibilities that could present themselves along his way.

Wendell does not think about what his next step will be after crossing the road.  He knows that to do so would send him down a rabbit hole of fear which would paralyze him and prevent him from even taking the first step out from his home under the massage parlor porch.

Wendell gets to the coffee shop from the beach most days by taking the path of least resistance; the path that is wide open and does not require him to alter his gait or try to change himself.  Today, the opening in the traffic provided Wendell with a clear view of the next step of his journey and he seized the opportunity to cross the road at a pace that was comfortable to him.  As always happens when one follows the path of least resistance others, like the motorists who yielded, show up and support the journey.

There are many days that Wendell does not make it all the way to the coffee shop because other easier-to-navigate paths open to him. On the non-coffee shop days, Wendell always finds himself enjoying new sights, sounds, animals and people that he had not encountered previously and he is grateful.  He does not for one minute lament not being at the coffee shop on those days or compare experiences.

Wendell’s path is clear to him so he greets everyone he meets, even those who perceive him as odd, with trust, humility and kindness because he knows their paths were meant to intersect.  To this day, Wendell has only encountered helpful, supportive friends and never met one enemy.

Wendell the bunny demonstrates to us on his short but precarious journey across the road that we don’t need to know our final destination but we will always be supported and end up exactly where we are supposed to be if we follow the path of least resistance.

[1] A songthaew, pronounced song-tow, is a Thai bus; a modified pick-up truck with two benches on the either side of the back and a roof covering the top.


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