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God is an Amoeba

Note:  I discuss this blog post and a host of other topics with the lovely and inspiring Sophia Wise One on her Vagina Talks Podcast: Episode 52:  All Death is Ego Death. Available by clicking the link or on…


Vulnerability or Insecurity

Vulnerability has been a huge buzzword over the past few years.  I suspect it’s in large part due to Brené Brown whom I greatly admire and respect from her 45-minutes’ worth of TED Talks that I have watched. I…


Lars and the Ladyboy

“STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AND DO SOMETHING!” This phrase was yelled at me a few weeks ago as I traveled on a ferry which transports vehicles and their respective people between three ports in Southern Thailand.  Not insignificantly,…


The Gecko and The Cat

It was an exceptionally dark night in the jungle.  It was the rainy season and although there were a million stars in the sky, nary a one could be seen from the forest floor on account of the dense…


Absolute Moments

“I wish I was there with you…” is an oft-uttered phrase. I propose that we stop believing in wishes and instead believe in thoughts that become words that become actions that become reality. Let us create our realities by…

Short Stories

For Ashleigh

It was the holiday season and as was tradition, my family and I were spending time at our beach house as Christmas happens in the summer in South Africa.  It is probably a funny thing for people on the…