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Terrence The Bull

An Unlikely Trio It was a relatively cool morning on the tropical island of Koh Samui and Terrence the Bull found himself more comfortable than he could remember being in quite some time.  There had been a rough sea…

Poems Dark

Mirror, Mirror

My fears are triggered by your presence My girded façade begins to crumble. Terrified by your mere existence I brace myself for the inevitable tumble. In your reflection I watch and observe My best and my worst selves Riding…


The Gecko and The Cat

It was an exceptionally dark night in the jungle.  It was the rainy season and although there were a million stars in the sky, nary a one could be seen from the forest floor on account of the dense…

Poems Dark

Sometimes the Reflection is Ugly

Sometimes the reflection is ugly, A hideous malformed amalgamation Of all of my worst selves. Sometimes it is hard to find the light In the sharp, jagged crevices Of my own soul. How dare I expect you to supply…

Poems Dark

Parallel Universe

I hang myself in the dark galaxy of nowhere, A commonplace common space Preferring a parallel universe to here. I drown myself in the deep ocean of never has been, The infinitely rough seas of maybe Preferring the waves…