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Poems Light

You Will Know

You will know you’re doing it right When you no longer want to leave You will know you’re doing it right When you can stop just to breathe. You will know they love you When they disagree and fight…

Poems Dark

Sometimes the Reflection is Ugly

Sometimes the reflection is ugly, A hideous malformed amalgamation Of all of my worst selves. Sometimes it is hard to find the light In the sharp, jagged crevices Of my own soul. How dare I expect you to supply…

Poems Light

Be a Mirror Part 2

You want me to be more like you? You want to fix my behavior and my thoughts too? Just a few minor adjustments are all that I need. To fit the image of what you want me to be.…

Poems Light

On the Gift of Aging

I’m losing my eyesight But have a clarity of vision like never before. I’ve lost the ability to make babies But I meet my children every day in the people I see and speak with for I give them…

Poems Dark

Parallel Universe

I hang myself in the dark galaxy of nowhere, A commonplace common space Preferring a parallel universe to here. I drown myself in the deep ocean of never has been, The infinitely rough seas of maybe Preferring the waves…

Poems Light

Sending My Love

If I could I would hold your hand in my hand. I would squeeze it tightly so you would know you had a friend. I would look you in the eye and reassure you that everything was fine. I…