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Parallel universe

Poems Light

Astral Trippin’

I squeeze in and out of consciousness – Consciously aware That I am neither Here nor there. I slip in and out of awareness – Barely aware That I am both places And yet nowhere. I come and go…


Wendell The Bunny

  Wendell the Bunny lives on an island in Thailand which is home to many of the universe’s creatures however not ordinarily the home of the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit which is native to North America.  The how of Wendell…

Poems Light

Be a Mirror Part 2

You want me to be more like you? You want to fix my behavior and my thoughts too? Just a few minor adjustments are all that I need. To fit the image of what you want me to be.…

Poems Dark

Parallel Universe

I hang myself in the dark galaxy of nowhere, A commonplace common space Preferring a parallel universe to here. I drown myself in the deep ocean of never has been, The infinitely rough seas of maybe Preferring the waves…


Absolute Moments

“I wish I was there with you…” is an oft-uttered phrase. I propose that we stop believing in wishes and instead believe in thoughts that become words that become actions that become reality. Let us create our realities by…