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God is an Amoeba

Note:  I discuss this blog post and a host of other topics with the lovely and inspiring Sophia Wise One on her Vagina Talks Podcast: Episode 52:  All Death is Ego Death. Available by clicking the link or on…


Invasive Species

Life is all around us.  Mother Nature shows us her dominion over us – Every. Single. Day. She gives us reasons to be grateful to her – Every. Single. Day.  And we, her spoiled brats continually take, take and…

Beach Wolf

Fear + A Beach Wolf = A Lesson in Compassion

Fear is the great equalizer.  The indiscriminate disease of fear can strike any economic group, race, gender or age.  Fear blinds us to the real issues at hand and seeks to subversively bind us to that which it has…


Terrence The Bull

An Unlikely Trio It was a relatively cool morning on the tropical island of Koh Samui and Terrence the Bull found himself more comfortable than he could remember being in quite some time.  There had been a rough sea…


Kindness Is Not Weakness So Don’t Get It Twisted

Some people mistake kindness for weakness; this miscalculation can be a deadly fallacy in the animal kingdom.  Why have we been conditioned to look upon those who are kind, compassionate and vulnerable as weak?  It could not be further…


Breathing Is Doing Something

Second full day of Vipassana (silent meditation retreat) Wat Suan Mokkh, Chaiya, Surat Thani, Thailand I arrive at the post lunch sitting meditation session in the main meditation hall a few minutes early although in absence of a clock…