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Touch My Hair, Please

I often find myself in what some consider to be strange places.  “Strange” as in places they’ve never heard of before.  The truth is I have often never heard of the places I visit either until I find myself…


Wendell The Bunny

  Wendell the Bunny lives on an island in Thailand which is home to many of the universe’s creatures however not ordinarily the home of the Eastern Cottontail Rabbit which is native to North America.  The how of Wendell…


Terrence The Bull

An Unlikely Trio It was a relatively cool morning on the tropical island of Koh Samui and Terrence the Bull found himself more comfortable than he could remember being in quite some time.  There had been a rough sea…


About a Broken Box, Compassion and Charity

I originally wrote this on November 15, 2015, the day after there had been a terrorist attack in Paris.  There have been other similar attacks in France and elsewhere in the world since the time I originally wrote this and…


Creating Heaven and Hell

What use have we for the concept of heaven if we can have peace every day? What use have we for the concept of hell when we do not have fear?  It is quite possible that both places exist but perhaps they…

Short Stories

Preface to Sunrise Cataracts

The term and title “Sunrise Cataracts” was borne from a warning given to my mother to pass along to me.  The warning was provided by a nephew of my mother’s during one of their bi-weekly phone calls.  (Although he is my cousin,…