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God is an Amoeba

Note:  I discuss this blog post and a host of other topics with the lovely and inspiring Sophia Wise One on her Vagina Talks Podcast: Episode 52:  All Death is Ego Death. Available by clicking the link or on…


Locked-up Abroad: Self-Imprisonment Edition

MMA Fighters and Ledge-Jumpers I innately know when I am miserable (in-misery) and in need of a time-out but my insecurities have conditioned me to believe otherwise so sometimes it takes me a bit to acknowledge that’s where I…


Rogue Mama

Withdrawing my nomination I have been thinking a lot about mothering recently.  Actually, I’ve been thinking about my role as a mother.  I have been coming face to face with some of my defensive soldiers/insecurities lately; not the least…


Vulnerability or Insecurity

Vulnerability has been a huge buzzword over the past few years.  I suspect it’s in large part due to Brené Brown whom I greatly admire and respect from her 45-minutes’ worth of TED Talks that I have watched. I…