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Rogue Mama

Withdrawing my nomination I have been thinking a lot about mothering recently.  Actually, I’ve been thinking about my role as a mother.  I have been coming face to face with some of my defensive soldiers/insecurities lately; not the least…

Poems Light


When we say we are Victims of circumstance; We are but children Afraid of consequence. When we think and feel It’s someone else’s fault; We feed our guilt And fear of getting caught. When we stop trying To accuse…


Terrence The Bull

An Unlikely Trio It was a relatively cool morning on the tropical island of Koh Samui and Terrence the Bull found himself more comfortable than he could remember being in quite some time.  There had been a rough sea…


Absolute Moments

“I wish I was there with you…” is an oft-uttered phrase. I propose that we stop believing in wishes and instead believe in thoughts that become words that become actions that become reality. Let us create our realities by…