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Touch My Hair, Please

I often find myself in what some consider to be strange places.  “Strange” as in places they’ve never heard of before.  The truth is I have often never heard of the places I visit either until I find myself…

Poems Dark


What are the odds… Of all the places I could be And you could be too; That I’d be me And you’d be you? And that we’d be here now, Right where we are – Out of all of…

Beach Wolf

Fear + A Beach Wolf = A Lesson in Compassion

Fear is the great equalizer.  The indiscriminate disease of fear can strike any economic group, race, gender or age.  Fear blinds us to the real issues at hand and seeks to subversively bind us to that which it has…


The Discomfort Zone

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam I am a curiosity here; an oddity for sure – a rare bird, a wild animal, the most foreign of foreigners. People stop and stare and tap their friends and their children so that…


Terrence The Bull

An Unlikely Trio It was a relatively cool morning on the tropical island of Koh Samui and Terrence the Bull found himself more comfortable than he could remember being in quite some time.  There had been a rough sea…

Poems Dark

Where is the Relief?

Where is the relief? It comes in the tiniest of ripples Whereas the pain Presents itself in the greatest of tidal waves Gigantic, monster tsunami waves And you welcome them with open arms They are familiar There is comfort…

Poems Dark

Sometimes the Reflection is Ugly

Sometimes the reflection is ugly, A hideous malformed amalgamation Of all of my worst selves. Sometimes it is hard to find the light In the sharp, jagged crevices Of my own soul. How dare I expect you to supply…