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Rogue Mama

Withdrawing my nomination I have been thinking a lot about mothering recently.  Actually, I’ve been thinking about my role as a mother.  I have been coming face to face with some of my defensive soldiers/insecurities lately; not the least…


Invasive Species

Life is all around us.  Mother Nature shows us her dominion over us – Every. Single. Day. She gives us reasons to be grateful to her – Every. Single. Day.  And we, her spoiled brats continually take, take and…

Poems Light

Growing Pains

We see We breathe We are living We live We laugh We are looking We look We seek We are searching We search We find We are loving We love We give We are binding We bind We choke…


The Discomfort Zone

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam I am a curiosity here; an oddity for sure – a rare bird, a wild animal, the most foreign of foreigners. People stop and stare and tap their friends and their children so that…

Poems Light

Bruise My Heart

Love my heart Until it expands and grows wings So that I may find myself floating And dangling puppet-like from your string Bruise my heart Until my blood rises, boils and thins Until the black and blue Is both…