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Invasive Species

Life is all around us.  Mother Nature shows us her dominion over us – Every. Single. Day. She gives us reasons to be grateful to her – Every. Single. Day.  And we, her spoiled brats continually take, take and…


Creating Heaven and Hell

What use have we for the concept of heaven if we can have peace every day? What use have we for the concept of hell when we do not have fear?  It is quite possible that both places exist but perhaps they…

Poems Dark

Where is the Relief?

Where is the relief? It comes in the tiniest of ripples Whereas the pain Presents itself in the greatest of tidal waves Gigantic, monster tsunami waves And you welcome them with open arms They are familiar There is comfort…

Short Stories

Preface to Sunrise Cataracts

The term and title “Sunrise Cataracts” was borne from a warning given to my mother to pass along to me.  The warning was provided by a nephew of my mother’s during one of their bi-weekly phone calls.  (Although he is my cousin,…