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Touch My Hair, Please

I often find myself in what some consider to be strange places.  “Strange” as in places they’ve never heard of before.  The truth is I have often never heard of the places I visit either until I find myself…

Beach Wolf

Fear + A Beach Wolf = A Lesson in Compassion

Fear is the great equalizer.  The indiscriminate disease of fear can strike any economic group, race, gender or age.  Fear blinds us to the real issues at hand and seeks to subversively bind us to that which it has…

Sunrise Lamai Fishing Pier
Poems Light

Fire in my Belly

There’s a fire in my belly And it’s been burning for a very long time There’s a fire in my belly And it isn’t all mine In fact, it’s mostly for others; For those that I see For those…

Poems Light

Growing Pains

We see We breathe We are living We live We laugh We are looking We look We seek We are searching We search We find We are loving We love We give We are binding We bind We choke…


Creating Heaven and Hell

What use have we for the concept of heaven if we can have peace every day? What use have we for the concept of hell when we do not have fear?  It is quite possible that both places exist but perhaps they…

Poems Light

Tickle My Soul

Tickle my soul Make me laugh from the inside out Be the heart of my heart Leave no room for doubt Of how much you accept and love Every version of yourself The only commitment required Is to maintain…


The Gecko and The Cat

It was an exceptionally dark night in the jungle.  It was the rainy season and although there were a million stars in the sky, nary a one could be seen from the forest floor on account of the dense…

Poems Light

On the Gift of Aging

I’m losing my eyesight But have a clarity of vision like never before. I’ve lost the ability to make babies But I meet my children every day in the people I see and speak with for I give them…


B.C. (Before Candice)

My parents emigrated from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States in 1968, sight unseen, based on all the glorious rumors they had heard about “The Land of Opportunity.” They came with their West Indian values, strong work ethic and…

Short Stories

For Ashleigh

It was the holiday season and as was tradition, my family and I were spending time at our beach house as Christmas happens in the summer in South Africa.  It is probably a funny thing for people on the…