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Poems Light

Growing Pains

We see We breathe We are living We live We laugh We are looking We look We seek We are searching We search We find We are loving We love We give We are binding We bind We choke…

Poems Light

Tickle My Soul

Tickle my soul Make me laugh from the inside out Be the heart of my heart Leave no room for doubt Of how much you accept and love Every version of yourself The only commitment required Is to maintain…

Poems Light

And Sometimes

And sometimes I feel like “And sometimes” is the only way To begin the expression of new thought. After one has discarded previous ways of thinking And has opened the channels to new shit, “And sometimes” clears the way…

Poems Light

Bruise My Heart

Love my heart Until it expands and grows wings So that I may find myself floating And dangling puppet-like from your string Bruise my heart Until my blood rises, boils and thins Until the black and blue Is both…

Poems Dark

Mirror, Mirror

My fears are triggered by your presence My girded façade begins to crumble. Terrified by your mere existence I brace myself for the inevitable tumble. In your reflection I watch and observe My best and my worst selves Riding…