How to Spread Love Instead of Fear

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Fear does not seem strong enough a word to describe the widespread yet subversive, intense and prolific paranoia that lives in most of us. We unwittingly spread the poison, the highly contagious and deadly virus that lives in our words, our language, our facial expressions and our body language. Each moment of each day we have choice; we have power. We can choose to live in fear or we can choose to live in love.

Fear is and can be a powerful motivator however acts committed from a place of love are undeniably perfect and victorious. When we are our most vulnerable and most open, when we share our hopes and dreams and desires with each other – this gives all of us the opportunity to provide love, support, comfort and kindness. However all too often when presented with such a beautiful opportunity to interact with another in the kindest of ways, we seize the opportunity not to offer encouragement or love but to instill fear. We call it “being realistic” or “playing Devil’s advocate” or “considering all sides” or “weighing the pros and cons” but they are all bullshit terms to validate our spreading of fear and negativity. Why be “realistic?” Are we not here in the flesh today? Are we not already “real?” Who needs a devil’s advocate? Not me! Surround me with the light of angels and not the advocates of devils. And how to begin weighing pros and cons? I can tell you, without knowing any specifics, that your cons list contains far more “weight” and is heavier than your list of pros for it is weighted with fears and fear is heavy. It is impossible to “consider all sides” as that presumes we know all sides and the truth is that we do not. We cannot and never will therefore the exercise is one in futility and a waste of the few precious moments and breaths we have here.

The next time someone presents you with the gift of sharing themselves in any capacity and asks your advice or your opinion, I challenge you to open your heart, feel it fill with love, look them in the eye and offer them all the love you can generate in that moment and say, “I want you to be happy and that is all. Make the choice that is going to make you happy right now! Tomorrow is not guaranteed and if you are happy right now then you are happy – period. I love you and am here for you. It is impossible to make the wrong decision because any decision you make is the only one there is and ever was for you.”

Let us not consider the what-if’s and maybe’s – let us live now and take comfort in the fact that our lives were never supposed to be any other way than as they are and that we, our situations and our relationships are completely and totally perfect for that which is our destiny. Let us no longer consider worst case scenarios but let us give thanks for being as we are. Let us give glory to the impermanence of the moment and celebrate it now and not pine for what was nor dream about what will be. Let us relish each precious, delicious breath that we have and that we share with our fellow travelers on this express journey.

Love and happiness are equally as contagious as their opposites and if we accept them as our natural homeostasis then we can share them with little to no effort at all! It is, at its foundation, a choice – so will you choose to spread love or will you choose to spread fear?


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