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On the Gift of Aging

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I’m losing my eyesight
But have a clarity of vision like never before.

I’ve lost the ability to make babies
But I meet my children every day in the people I see and speak with for I give them comfort.

My hearing is not as sharp as it once was
But I’ve gained the ability to listen with my heart, which speaks and understands the only language that matters – the language of love.

I can’t run as fast or climb as high as I once could
But I’ve gained the ability to be still and to enjoy each moment.

I walk more slowly now
But I get to see more of the beauty of the world in which I live.

My hands aren’t as nimble as they once were
But I’ve gained the ability to touch and be touched by others without contact.

I’m not up on the latest lingo
But I am more fully expressed than I have ever been.

I’m losing my memory
But I am gaining the wisdom that the past is irrelevant.

And though my tomorrows are fewer than they once were,
My today’s are abundant because they overflow with love and gratitude.


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