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Be a Mirror Part 2

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You want me to be more like you?
You want to fix my behavior and my thoughts too?

Just a few minor adjustments are all that I need.
To fit the image of what you want me to be.

To make me smaller than I once was
So that in your eyes I’ll be easier to love.

Behavioral modification is simple and easy
Just continually judge, criticize and compare me

To other people that you may or may not know
Or even to versions of myself from not so long ago.

Tell me every little thing that I do incorrectly
Then sit back and watch the unfolding tragedy

As I change from someone that you once loved
Into an empty, robotic shell; a lifeless, handless glove.

There is another way however,
If you dare to take my hand and endeavor.

If you just give me a little room,
You can blossom as I bloom

I will be a mirror for you and you for me
In this way we can both grow exponentially

Shall we commit to reflecting only love and light?
I’ll be your morning sun when you’re feeling trapped in the night.

Can you be big for me when I’m feeling small?
I’ll be your emotional giant standing strong and tall

Let us promise to keep our mirrors clear
And begin by getting rid of the fear

Next, we must remember to be always grateful
Speaking only with love and never with words hateful

Dusting ourselves daily with the fine feathers of forgiveness
Polish and shine each other with compassion and kindness

All this I vow I can give to you
Because by loving myself, I can love you more too.candice-signature-2

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