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The arrogance of man,
Ignorance combined with entitlement –
This is our downfall.

The ancient Greeks called it hubris;
Excessive pride
Which clouds vision

And creates a veil that blurs
Common sense.
Conditioned to believe in our own superiority

Religious texts that preach
Our dominion over all
Blindly overriding our instincts

We erroneously believe
That our presence,
Our interference adds value

Our egos tell us that we are saviors
That things would be somehow worse
If we did not exist

That this place, this situation, this time
Would be less without us
But how wrong we are.

The nature of Now
Dictates the perfection
Of each moment.

We falsely believe that we
Make the moment perfect
But we only assign perfection to the moment

It is not our presence
Which creates the moment;
The moment exists with or without us.

We must understand, accept and appreciate
Our insignificance
In this world

And be humbled by our tininess
Our smallness
Our nothingness.

We have only pairs of legs, arms
Eyes and ears
And are lucky if they all function optimally.

We cannot fly without machines
We cannot swim the seas without equipment
We cannot run fast for long

We cannot camouflage without clothes
We cannot see at night
And we can only smell the most obvious of odors.

The elements destroy us
Our skin is paper thin
And even our will is dominated

By the quest
For propaganda-driven superficial desires
And we cannot even see it.

We perceive our true, natural urges
As our greatest enemies
For we seek to control them

We judge them
We deny them
And feel shame when we give into them

So we hide them then
Use artificial means
To get the very rush nature provided.

We do greater harm
To our own bodies
With our overthinking brains

Than any other creature
Could possibly do to us
Believing in our own omnipotence.

We are weak
We are fragile
We are inferior

And it is precisely
Our subconscious awareness of this
That makes us so dangerous.


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