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My Little Girl Army

The tears of little girls No longer stream down my face; My wrinkles absorb them They dissolve without a trace. Once audible sobs Are now stifled in my chest By lungs which squelch them With mindful, controlled breaths. Their…

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When we say we are Victims of circumstance; We are but children Afraid of consequence. When we think and feel It’s someone else’s fault; We feed our guilt And fear of getting caught. When we stop trying To accuse…

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Astral Trippin’

I squeeze in and out of consciousness – Consciously aware That I am neither Here nor there. I slip in and out of awareness – Barely aware That I am both places And yet nowhere. I come and go…

Sunrise Lamai Fishing Pier
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Fire in my Belly

There’s a fire in my belly And it’s been burning for a very long time There’s a fire in my belly And it isn’t all mine In fact, it’s mostly for others; For those that I see For those…

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Growing Pains

We see We breathe We are living We live We laugh We are looking We look We seek We are searching We search We find We are loving We love We give We are binding We bind We choke…

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Tickle My Soul

Tickle my soul Make me laugh from the inside out Be the heart of my heart Leave no room for doubt Of how much you accept and love Every version of yourself The only commitment required Is to maintain…

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And Sometimes

And sometimes I feel like “And sometimes” is the only way To begin the expression of new thought. After one has discarded previous ways of thinking And has opened the channels to new shit, “And sometimes” clears the way…

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Bruise My Heart

Love my heart Until it expands and grows wings So that I may find myself floating And dangling puppet-like from your string Bruise my heart Until my blood rises, boils and thins Until the black and blue Is both…

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You Will Know

You will know you’re doing it right When you no longer want to leave You will know you’re doing it right When you can stop just to breathe. You will know they love you When they disagree and fight…

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Be a Mirror Part 2

You want me to be more like you? You want to fix my behavior and my thoughts too? Just a few minor adjustments are all that I need. To fit the image of what you want me to be.…

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On the Gift of Aging

I’m losing my eyesight But have a clarity of vision like never before. I’ve lost the ability to make babies But I meet my children every day in the people I see and speak with for I give them…

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Sending My Love

If I could I would hold your hand in my hand. I would squeeze it tightly so you would know you had a friend. I would look you in the eye and reassure you that everything was fine. I…