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Bruise My Heart

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Love my heart
Until it expands and grows wings
So that I may find myself floating
And dangling puppet-like from your string

Bruise my heart
Until my blood rises, boils and thins
Until the black and blue
Is both beneath and on the surface of my skin

Heal my heart
Until the hurting subsides
Fill my head with visions
Of places where our dreams collide

Break my heart
Until it is shattered to pieces
Until all that’s left are tiny fragments
Hidden deep within the folds and creases

Mend my heart
Until I am rid of the guilt and shame
And can accept accountability
Without placing any blame

Hold my heart
Until the past and future I can no longer see
Give me a lifetime in one moment
For Now is the only reality

Give my heart
Until I behold my true path
My everything may be your nothing
But what more can you ask?

And if our paths which once intersected
Take turns and no longer merge –
Then that’s all there ever was
Traces of love remain although our roads diverged


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