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Astral Trippin’

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I squeeze in and out of consciousness –
Consciously aware
That I am neither
Here nor there.

I slip in and out of awareness –
Barely aware
That I am both places
And yet nowhere.

I come and go all through the night,
Switching worlds with ease;
Lucidly aware
Of the transition squeeze.

I shrink back into my body
Quickly before anyone sees
But the only one who notices
That I’ve been gone is me.

The landing is rarely seamless –
Sometimes a sweet vibration,
A subtle prolonged humming
And other times – a jarring sensation.

My soul lingers outward
Until the very last instant,
Hovering above its human form
Then sliding in without incident.

I’ve caught it once or twice,
Radiating just above
A swirling ball of energy,
A pure light of healing love.

It leaves my waking self to ponder…
If I’m up floating up there
Then who is it that’s seeing
Myself from down here?

Art credit:  “Life Cycle” in mixed media  Sherman Yarde circa 2012

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