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And Sometimes

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And sometimes I feel like
“And sometimes” is the only way
To begin the expression of new thought.

After one has discarded previous ways of thinking
And has opened the channels to new shit,
“And sometimes” clears the way for exceptions;

The ultimate caveat for the non-committal.
It says “don’t tie me to what I’m saying in this moment because
It could, and in fact is very likely to, change in the next.”

And sometimes
I find myself alone in the company of others
Whereas if I was by myself I would not.

Loneliness: the awareness of aloneness

The hoping, praying and wishingness for someone, anyone
To deliver that which I do not provide and
Perhaps have not heretofore defined for myself.

Loneliness: a state of distractedness

An overt covert cover-up of the real issue
A landmine filled mind-trick which attempts
To make me responsible for your feelings and you for mine.

Love you and I will love me.
And sometimes…
That’s all it takes.


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