Absolute Moments

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“I wish I was there with you…” is an oft-uttered phrase. I propose that we stop believing in wishes and instead believe in thoughts that become words that become actions that become reality. Let us create our realities by stating firstly that which is so, “I am here and you are there” is a statement of the present. Phrases such as, “I wish I was there with you,” are expressions of desires to be in a state that does not currently exist; an unreality. Certainly emotional truth can also be expressed (“I love you…I like you,” etc.) within the statement but both the speaker and the listener need to remember that although emotional expression is one’s personal truth and therefore undeniable, it only applies to that moment in which it was spoken.

“I wish I was there with you” typically implies that your presence here would improve the situation so both the statement and the implication are fantasy. My reality is divine even without you here. You here would not necessarily make it better – just different. You there does not make it worse – just different than if you were here.

If you were here, would you bring your fears and past hurts with you? Would you bring your insecurities and judgments along for the ride? Or would you bring just yourself –open and fresh, new and curious? And what impact would your presence have on me? Would I be the same? Better? Worse? To express a desire to be anywhere other than where we currently are, physically or metaphorically, implies that our current states are less than perfect. It is a micro-judgement of the perfection of the present.

Do not live each day like it is your last. Do not live each day like it is your first. Live each moment. Live each moment absolutely, as if it is the only moment there is because it is. Food is more delicious, kisses are more precious, hugs, touches, images and sounds are all amazing when they are experienced singularly and discretely.

Life is a wondrous thing if we view each moment through an absolute lens without judgment and comparison. If we can absolve ourselves of the past instead of burdening ourselves with guilt and shame, we can find gratitude for the beauty and perfection of each moment. We can be free and the world becomes a magical place when we recognise that we are powerful because our reality, for better or worse, is as we designed it to be. If life does not feel that way, then make it so. The mind is powerful and has the ability to enslave or liberate – which are you choosing today and in this moment???


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