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June 2019


God is an Amoeba

Note:  I discuss this blog post and a host of other topics with the lovely and inspiring Sophia Wise One on her Vagina Talks Podcast: Episode 52:  All Death is Ego Death. Available by clicking the link or on…


In Defense of the Huddled Masses

Note about the photo:  1968 – The woman in the hat is my mother on the day she flew to America for the first time.  Two of my sisters, one of my brothers, my paternal grandmother and a slew of…


Locked-up Abroad: Self-Imprisonment Edition

MMA Fighters and Ledge-Jumpers I innately know when I am miserable (in-misery) and in need of a time-out but my insecurities have conditioned me to believe otherwise so sometimes it takes me a bit to acknowledge that’s where I…