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December 2016


Lars and the Ladyboy

“STOP LOOKING IN THE MIRROR AND DO SOMETHING!” This phrase was yelled at me a few weeks ago as I traveled on a ferry which transports vehicles and their respective people between three ports in Southern Thailand.  Not insignificantly,…

Poems Light


When we say we are Victims of circumstance; We are but children Afraid of consequence. When we think and feel It’s someone else’s fault; We feed our guilt And fear of getting caught. When we stop trying To accuse…


Mama Nature

The greater-racket tailed drongo sits on a crisscross of what were once-upon-a-time most likely painstakingly placed electrical wires.  I say painstakingly because I’ve had the honor of observing Thai and Burmese laborers working with Zen-like focus on almost a…

Poems Dark


What are the odds… Of all the places I could be And you could be too; That I’d be me And you’d be you? And that we’d be here now, Right where we are – Out of all of…

Beach Wolf

Fear + A Beach Wolf = A Lesson in Compassion

Fear is the great equalizer.  The indiscriminate disease of fear can strike any economic group, race, gender or age.  Fear blinds us to the real issues at hand and seeks to subversively bind us to that which it has…