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February 2016

Poems Light

On the Gift of Aging

I’m losing my eyesight But have a clarity of vision like never before. I’ve lost the ability to make babies But I meet my children every day in the people I see and speak with for I give them…

Poems Dark

Parallel Universe

I hang myself in the dark galaxy of nowhere, A commonplace common space Preferring a parallel universe to here. I drown myself in the deep ocean of never has been, The infinitely rough seas of maybe Preferring the waves…


B.C. (Before Candice)

My parents emigrated from Trinidad and Tobago to the United States in 1968, sight unseen, based on all the glorious rumors they had heard about “The Land of Opportunity.” They came with their West Indian values, strong work ethic and…


The Fish Famine

A Fishy Platform Mr. Donald Man O’ War was the governor of the Western Reef which was an elected position.  Although he had position, wealth, power; was well-traveled and had many fish vying for his romantic attention, his language…